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History Bulletin October 2013

October 24th, 2013

Busy Times at the Museum

The spring and summer of 2013 set a record for attendance at the museum and for activities sponsored by the Seymour Community Historical Society. This is possible because of your financial support and sponsorship of a variety of events. The purpose of this newsletter is to review the past events and to provide a glimpse into the winter and spring. As usual, this publication also includes little known facts about Seymour area history and comments from our membership.
Because of time constraints, mailing and production costs, the printed copy of Seymour History will come to you twice a year. Back issues, additional society activities and more details are available on the website ( In this newsletter, you will find an addressed return envelope for supporting our annual fund drive. In the future, every fall/winter issue mailed to you in November will include our annual fund drive.
Considerable cost is involved in daily upkeep, exhibit development and repair, licensing, tax preparation, beautification, office supplies, etc. Your historical society will continue to improve the exhibits at the museum and keep all electronic displays in working order. The society is counting on your backing to keep things running smoothly. All workers at the museum are volunteers. One hundred per cent of the money donated to the historical society is dedicated to operating expenses and the sustainability fund. We thank you for your continued support.
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