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May 13th, 2017

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Annual Meeting May 13th Features Wisconsin Supper Clubs

The annual meeting of the SCHS will be held Saturday, May 13 at 1:00 in the upstairs meeting room of the museum. Following a brief business meeting, Holly De Ruyter, the Director, Editor, and Producer of “Old Fashioned: The Story of Wisconsin Supper Clubs.” will present her documentary.

Outstanding Program with Supper Club Hors d'oeuvres

By attending this program you will enjoy a nostalgic look at a Midwestern institution where fruit garnished drinks, plentiful comfort food, and family atmosphere reign supreme. Chicago filmmaker De Ruyter traveled throughout Wisconsin to portray an affectionate look at the still-thriving supper club. The Wisconsin-bred phenomenon historically ushered in an era of dining out that catered to the whole family, and made unaccompanied ladies welcome at the bar. These unique mom-and-pop restaurants beckon patrons with décor ranging from hunting cabin folksy to sport themes with pictures of your favorite stars gracing the walls. The typical supper club serves up a varied menu with fish fries, steaks and prime rib specials leading the way.
Visit over 40 Wisconsin Supper Clubs
De Ruyter started the project thinking "Old Fashioned" would be a short film. Using borrowed equipment, loads of volunteer hours and reduced rates from industry professionals, the final cut is 51 minutes and includes interviews with staff and customers at supper clubs from Green Bay and Rhinelander to Rice Lake and Madison and points in-between. In all, more than 40 locations across Wisconsin are credited at the end of the film.
Krabbe's Kountry Klub is a Focus of the Movie
"Old Fashioned" is a blend of voices including Wisconsin historians, supper club owners and diners. As the film's scope grew, De Ruyter said she needed something to tie it together. That's when she discovered Krabbe's Kountry Klub and owners Steve and Cheri Krabbe. With over 30 years in the business, the affable couple proved to be a great asset to the film. Their establishment has all the makings of a classic supper club from the large oval bar and the salad bar to classic menu choices. Most importantly, it had that feeling De Ruyter sought to capture.
"It was crazy the sense of community at this place," she said. "The people that came here knew each other and were talking to each other, even though they maybe didn't know each other outside the supper club, they were still connected and friends through the supper club."
The Program is Open to the Public at No Charge
To learn more about Wisconsin supper clubs and view the documentary, attend the annual meeting of the Seymour Community Historical Society. Past supper club owner Janice Eick has prepared a wide variety of Hors d'oeuvres donated by Don's Quality Market. Before and after the film Holly and Steve will answer questions from the audience

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