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April 29th, 2022

The Contents of this Issue
The purpose of our newsletter is to keep our members informed of events taking place at the museum and to keep Seymour History alive through relating past social, cultural and economic activities. In addition to the annual meeting, this publication explains the purpose and design of the historical mural that will grace the west side of the Miller-Piehl Building, describes the celebration for the 10-year anniversary of the museum and details summer activities.
From an historical point of view the newsletter focuses on articles from the Times-Press fifty years ago (1972). Several of our members requested articles from more recent history. While 1972 isn't real recent, many of us recall the days when the Lions Athletic Banquet was in its infancy and slow pitch softball was a popular summer pastime. Fortunately, several members of your historical society rescued past issues of the Seymour paper from the recycle bin when the Journal-Sentinel decided to dispose of them.
Maintaining the building and exhibits along with meeting the requirements of various licenses and permits is the responsibility of the board of directors and membership. The last several pages of this publication list our most recent contributors. Thank you for your gifts and donations necessary to keep our mission on track. The Seymour City Council recognizes the value of preserving our heritage and supporting an attractive museum through providing the utilities.

Museum Opens on June 3
The Seymour Community Historical Society Board of Directors is pleased to announce the museum will open Friday, June 3. It will be open all summer on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00. Several special programs are planned for the summer and they are explained in this newsletter. On June 4, Jessic Michna, an outstanding actor will present at the annual meeting. The Nickle A Region Model A Club will return to Seymour and have their cars on exhibit on Depot Street. Don Vanden Heuvel will present the "Return to Viet Nam" video and Music in the Park will return on Wednesday evenings this summer with the first concert scheduled for June 15. The ten-year anniversary of the museum and unveiling of the mural will be celebrated on July 9th. The history of Seymour businesses will be on display all summer in the upper level of the museum.
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