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October 19th, 2023

The Contents of this Issue
The first several pages sum up the activities at the museum and events organized by the Seymour Community Historical Society over the summer months. The annual visit by the fourth graders is always fun. It is remarkable how curious they are about events and items that adults consider commonplace. Former Seymour resident Giz Herbst was the featured speaker at the annual meeting which was attended by about 60 members. The summer exhibit of dolls made by Ed and Tillie Stueflat brought back memories of the Treasure Chest Gift Shop. During Burgerfest, 1,440 visitors toured the museum and close to 500 people stopped in the old general store. Wednesday evening music continues to be popular with several crowds numbering over 400. On September 23 the historical society hosted former teacher and coach, Penny Gillespie, who enjoyed visiting with former students, players and friends.
On September 11, 2001 Russ Hanseter was in Washington D.C. as National Vice-Commander of the American Legion. His interview takes the reader back to that tragic day. Several members commented that they enjoyed the look back to 100 years ago in Seymour history in the previous issue and asked for more. A rare interview with Horatio Seymour from 1861 explains his early interest in investing in land in northeastern Wisconsin. Two events coming up at the museum prior to Christmas include a presentation by the author of "Badger Aces", a book about Wisconsin fighter pilots including Seymour's George Doersch. And of course, "Kids' Christmas" at the museum is always a big hit.

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