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May 2nd, 2024

The Contents of this Issue
The purpose of our newsletter is to keep our members informed of events taking place at the museum and to keep Seymour History alive through relating past social, cultural and economic activities. In addition to the annual meeting, this publication includes part two of an interview with Russ Hanseter who explains his duties as National Vice-commander of the American Legion. We have included tributes to Tom Duffey and Carl Kuehne, two people who played major roles in the organization of the historical society, building the museum and starting Burger Fest. Also of interest to local history buffs are a number of 1920s Seymour news articles from the Green Bay and Appleton papers.
Since a fire at the Seymour Press office destroyed copies of the local paper prior to 1947, historians must research Green Bay and Appleton papers for Seymour news. Fortunately, the larger area papers included a "Seymour News" section every week or two. Readers will also find the Music in the Park schedule for 2024 and part one of an interview with Vietnam veteran Robert Court
The last several pages of this publication list our most recent contributors. Thank you for your gifts and donations necessary to keep our mission on track. The Seymour City Council recognizes the value of preserving our heritage and supporting an attractive museum through providing the museum utilities.

Annual Meeting and the Presentation of the new Seymour H.S. Sports Exhibit - Saturday, May 11, 1:00 pm

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