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GIZ HERBST ART EXHIBIT - An Interview with Giz

GIZ HERBST ART EXHIBIT -  An Interview with GizArt Show Featuring Giz Herbst

On Friday, July 16, the museum will display the watercolors of longtime Seymour teacher, coach and athletic director Giz Herbst. Giz and his wife Linda have been operating Yore Place in Egg Harbor, a Door County gallery for the past 25 years. PaPa Giz, as he was named by his granddaughter Emma, recently sat down for an interview with Bill Collar.

How long have you been painting?

I started working with watercolors in 1975 and got serious about it after I finished the studio in 2002.

What type of painting do you do?

My friend, photographer Monte Kraft, refers to me as an “architectural folk artist.” I enjoy painting buildings and the backgrounds. Several of my series include lighthouses, farmsteads, and wildflowers. My most recent work is “Covered bridges of Door County.”

I didn’t realize Door County had covered bridges.

Last year we took a trip to Parke County, Indiana. It has 31 covered bridges dating from 1856-1920, of which 11 were built before 1900. The covered bridges fit right into the villages and landscape of Door County as if they were there at the beginning of the development of the county. I said, "Why not bring the charm of the bridges to Door County?"

What type of training have you had?

I took art classes in high school and have a degree from UW-Stout in drafting and design. My mother painted and my dad was a master craftsman who built ship models for Peterson Builders. I also think the attention to detail required for a teacher-coach is helpful.

Do you have any favorite artists?

I admire the work of Door County artists Charles Peterson, Gerhardt Miller, and Kathy Glasnap. They are very gifted and I have learned a lot through observing how they do things.

How do you feel about exhibiting your work in Seymour?

It will be a nice opportunity to see many old friends and show them what I have been doing.

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