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    SEYMOUR'S PACKER CONNECTIONSeymour’s Packers connection goes back to the very beginning/Seymour Historical Society celebrates the Green and Gold
    12 May 2014
    By seymour

    Carl Kuehne detailed the connection his family has to the formation of the Green Bay Packers and talked about his years on the Packers Board during the Seymour Historical Society event on Saturday, May 3 more photos in photo galleries.. - Photo by Rick Cohler

    By Rick Cohler
    “I learned just a short time ago that my grandfather, who was in the cattle business in Seymour was also a partner in a cattle company that was associated with the Indian Packing Company in 1917,” Carl Kuehne, a Seymour native and past Green Bay Packers Executive Board member and secretary told the audience at the Seymour Historical Society fund raising event at Doxbees in Seymour on Saturday, May 3.

    “You may recall that the Indian Packing Company was approached by Curly Lambeau to get money for the uniforms,” Kuehne continued. “The packing company said ‘Sure we’ll give you money for the uniforms as long as you call them the Packers.’”

    Kuehne said he didn’t know that until the Packer Trail was created in Green Bay.
    “I was so excited because our family had never talked about it,” Kuehne said. “And the history goes back to Seymour, so that’s really great.”
    Kuehne was asked to join the Packers Board of Directors in 1998 which was a wonderful experience and became the secretary in 2005 and stayed there until retiring. He also served as president
    Kuehne’s top memory? “I was the corporate secretary when we issued the last shares of stock. It meant so much to me that I was able to sign a share of stock with my name on the signature line.”

    The event brought out other Seymour-Packer connections. The most current is that Ted Eisenreich of Seymour is the director of Facility Operations for the Packers and his wife, Bobbi Jo, is manager of Corporate Giving.
    Eisenreich brought the audience up to date on the latest renovations at Lambeau Field.
    A major portion will not be seen by most fans. That includes a new dining room for players, weight room and player development areas which includes a turfed area for play walk-throughs.
    The atrium area remodeling is currently underway.

    “Where the Hall of Fame used to be will be the new pro shop,” Eisenreich said. “It’s going from about 10 or 11,000 square feet to just over 20,000 square feet.”

    Eisenreich said July 10 is the goal for the completion of the pro shop and a new east gate.
    During and after the upcoming season work will be done on a new restaurant and the Hall of Fame.
    Area finalists for the Packers Fan Hall of Fame were recognized. They were: Greg Marnocha from Seymour as well as his father-in-law Joe Kuhor of Janesvile and Dave Rickert of Freedom.

    Three finalists vied for the title of longest season ticket holder: Bud and Audrey VandenHeuvel, Marge and Bob Coonen and the winners, Don and Dorothy Reed.

    The master of ceremony for the event was Green Bay area sportscaster John Maino, who had a few tales of his own for the group.
    Maino recalled a snowy game in 1984 in Denver when he and fellow sports reporter and Seymour native Joe Schmit ducked into the locker room just before the end of a Packers game to dry off equipment.
    “The doors fly open and here comes Forest Gregg enraged. Joe and I literally hid behind the big towel bins, put towels over our heads and crouched down. If Forest Gregg would have caught us I don’t know what would have happened. We sat there hiding. Joe’s eyes were this big and I’m sure mine were too as we watched Gregg tear into his team like you can’t believe.”

    Another long-time Seymour Packer tradition was the bus trips to Lambeau Field organized by Patti Dethardt of Hotel Seymour for games.
    To start the party they had the “Our Favre” as recited by Debbie Peterson. Patti and Debbie did a reenactment accompanied by slides, complete with shots of lime-flavored vodka for the adults in the gathering.
    A tail-gate style dinner, numerous Packers memorabilia displays and an auction capped off the day.

    All proceeds went to the Museum Sustainability Fund.
    Janice Eick, Sue Keyzers, Mike Keyzers,and Jennie Huettl were reelected to the Board of Directors.

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