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Seymour Has A Great Historical Tradition

Seymour Has A Great Historical Tradition An investigation of the files of the Seymour Community Historical Society reveals numerous references to shows, pageants, parades, and gatherings held for the purpose of celebrating local history. The following article from the January 23, 1929 Green Bay Press Gazette reflects appreciation for area heritage. The picture of a room in the museum shows many of the items mentioned in the article.

Old-Time Farm Implements to Constitute One of Interesting Exhibits

By W. F. Winsey

Under the auspices of the Seymour local of the American Society of Equity a historical show and pageant will be held in the local auditorium February 14 and 15, which will be a novelty of great public interest in this section of the state.

Some of the exhibits are to consist of old furniture, chests, stools, chairs, dishes, kitchen utensils, churns, coffee mills, jewelry, old money, old toys musical instruments, framed pictures, albums, autograph albums, clocks, cloths of the men, women and children of early days, including shoes, hats, gloves, fans, shawls, and rugs, quilts, and miscellaneous old-time household articles.

Suggestions of old-time farm tools to be placed on exhibition are axes, cradles, scythes, ox yokes, wire stretchers, hammers, old guns, traps, knives, revolvers, pipes and any miscellaneous articles. Old books including school books, magazines, newspapers, bills, posters, letters and so forth.

The committee appointed to take charge of the show and general chairmen are as follows: Allan Powell, general chairman, committee on exhibits, John Colling, chairman, Otto Kollath, Ralph Daniels, John Birkhiolz, Mrs. Otto Kollath, Mrs. Gene Sutliff and Mrs. Ralph Daniels. Program and dance committee, William Hurst chairman, Mrs. Phillip Eick, Mrs. Robert Doersch and Otto Kollath. Finance committee, Leonard Brugger chairman, and George Gagel. Committee on advertising, George Lembke chairman. Edward Wichman and Edward Wendt. Lunch committee, Mrs. Louis Eick chairman.

The general plan is to promote a historical show consisting of exhibits of rare and significant old articles of common use. The exhibits are to be arranged the first day and left on exhibit for the second.

Entertainment will be given on two evenings. These are to consist of stunts portraying some event of olden times. Each school district is to put on one event. Teachers and old folks in connection with pupils are to take part.

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