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2014 ANNUAL REPORTSeymour Community Historical Society - Annual Report for 2014

Membership as of Jan 1, 2015

Lifetime family members ------------ 246 Business members ---------- 61
Annual family members ------------- 11 Individual members -------- 13
Total Membership 331

Museum Use

• The museum was open five days a week 1:00 to 4:00 through September. The building is also open for groups by appointment.

• From October through December, the building is open on Sundays from 1:00 to 4:00 and by appointment.

• The museum is closed from January through March. Open by appointment.

• A wide variety of organizations toured the museum. These include the Rock Ledge fourth grade students, senior living residents, local clubs and organizations, class reunions, family gatherings and visiting historical societies.

• Burger Fest was a great opportunity to introduce visitors to the new facility. We had 1,544 guests the day of the festival.

• The total number of visitors to the museum in 2014 was 3,240

Web Site Use and Telephone Contact

The historical society receives many phone calls and numerous referrals from the city clerk’s office relating to people searching for family or historical information.

During the past year the web site: ( received 4,972 hits.
Our Facebook site was accessed by 1,258 people

Currently we have over 2,500 pictures in our Image Gallery. All past newsletters and historical articles are in the archive section of the site. The site also includes a virtual tour of the museum and thirty pictures of the various exhibits

Museum Activities

January - We were busy taking down Christmas decorations, etc. A slow time at the museum.
February – Museum closed. Open by request
March – Busy with new exhibits
April – Preparing for annual meeting and summer opening.
May – Annual meeting with John Maino and the Packer display attracted 98 people
Muehl Library exhibit had 78 visitors.
June – Music in the Park started. Vintage wedding exhibit at the museum - 161 visitors
July – Vintage stock car exhibit attracted 347 visitors
August – During Burger Fest 1,544 people toured the museum.
Music in the Park concluded with the HOTH sponsoring free hamburgers.
The program was very popular averaging about 300 per concert.
September – One hundred and fifty fourth graders toured the museum.
The doll exhibit had 83 visitors.
October – Thirty-three jack-o-lanterns were displayed on Depot Street.
November - The memory forest remains popular with 35 trees and $1,300.00 in income
December – Kid’s Christmas attracted 145 participants

General Comments

• Music in the Park continues to be a very popular attraction for city residents. The total attendance for this summer was over 3,000 Profit from the raffle and concession income was $3,300.00.

• The gazebo was used regularly throughout the summer. Often when the gazebo is used for community events such as church service and assorted gatherings, the museum is open to provide clean restrooms for the participants.

• The Christmas display around the museum and in Nagel Park included 35 decorated trees. The trees generated $1,300.00 for the historical society.

• The SCHS has been getting great assistance from the alternative school students with cleaning and upkeep.

2015 City Budget

A total of $14,925.00 is budgeted to cover museum utilities and capital outlay. The financial support of the city council assists the society in improving exhibits and offering additional programs.

This is what the Seymour Community Historical Society accomplished in 2014

• The SCHS has a reliable team of 15 volunteers who maintain and supervise the museum and general store five days a week during the summer months.
• The SCHS continued to add to its collection of local pictures and artifacts.
• The SCHS opened the museum and general store additional hours to accommodate school groups, organizations, the elderly, and visitors to the community.
• The SCHS made its resources available to others through the Internet.
• The SCHS provided numerous fun activities for area residents of all ages.
• The SCHS continued to provide an impressive holiday display on Depot St.
• The SCHS added several new displays to the museum.
• The SCHS cooperated with the local newspaper and other media to provide historical references when requested.

Plans for 2015

1. Continue to improve on the accomplishments of the previous year.
2. Add to the interactive technological exhibits to enhance the visitor experience.
3. Feature special changing exhibits from May through November.
4. Work with the Wisconsin State Historical Society to bring some of their resources to Seymour
5. Provide the opportunity for area residents to attend the performance of a professional actor.
6. Coordinate an art show and make it available to the public.
7. Completely revamp the museum gift shop making it more user friendly.

General Comments

The museum/learning center is a great resource for the community. It not only helps preserve the area heritage, but also is available for use by a wide variety of organizations. Historical society volunteers contribute many hours making the museum facilities available to the public, cleaning, building exhibits, and keeping the site attractive. We appreciate the financial support from the city council and the cooperation of the city workers. The museum is truly a community project.

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