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    HAROLD TECH FFA ADVISOR FOR 36 YEARSHarold Tech FFA Advisor for 36 Years

    Harold Tech taught Agricultural classes and was advisor to the Future Farmers of America from 1954 to 1990. In those 36 years he witnessed many changes. When asked to elaborate Harold was quick to reply, “The students really didn’t change much, but farming did. Of course, the farms have become more mechanized with large machinery. The size of student projects increased as the years passed. I remember in the early years going to a farm visit and I had to crawl under a straw stack to see a litter of pigs. You just don’t see that today. Everything is so much bigger today. I think it was Bob Kimball who got started in farming with 12 cows in his herd. Years ago, when the threshing crew came to the farm all the neighbors pitched in.

    Today, of course you have the combine and drop boxes, and drying bins. It is much different. Farmers still help each other out, but not to the degree of years ago. When I was a kid, you had husking bees where farmers would get families together and husk corn. I remember if you found a red cob, you got to kiss a girl. Or, maybe it was if a girl found a red cob she would kiss a boy. Anyway, somebody was kissed!”

    When asked what advice he had for farmers today. Harold paused and said, “Be efficient, keep costs down, oh you need good equipment, but don’t go overboard. Excellent record keeping is another key and of course co-operate with those around you.”

    FFA Officers
    Recently Harold has been on a mission to identify all the officers of the FFA since Bill Reese started the organization in 1937. He is missing a few years and can use your help. If you know the officers for any of the following years give Harold a call. He needs to complete his records from 1939-40, 1941-42, 1947-48, 1950-51, 1963-64, 1977-78, 1983-84, 1995-96, 1996-97, and 1999-2000. For a listing of all the years that have been completed, check the historical society website or stop in the community museum.

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