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iNDEX TO SOUND CLIPS ON THE 1949 KIOSKIndex to Sound Clips on the 1949 Kiosk
Location Program
View of North Main Street --- ------------Bob Coonen talks about life in Seymour during 1949.
View of North Main Street ----------------Listen to a 1949 automobile radio ad.
View of South Main Street ----------------Gary Melchert recalls six auto dealers in the city.
View of South Main Street --------------- Charlie Jenkins remembers Dr. Finkle and his music.
View of East Main Street ----------------- Roberta Mory reflects on band concerts at the gazebo.
View of East Main Street ----------------- Watch a movie filmed on Main St. from 1935.
View of West Main Street -----------------Listen to a "Speedy" Alka Seltzer commercial.
Helmke's Food Market -------------------- Don Reed recalls starting a grocery store in Seymour.
Helmke's Food Market -------------------- Don Reed explains about candling eggs.
Helmke's Food Market -------------------- Don Reed talks about building a new store.
Hittner Clinic ------------------------------- Roy Puls and Don Feurig on Dr. Hittner and his skill.
Hotel Nelson (Hotel Seymour) -----------Realtor Al Storma's formula for success.
Hotel Nelson (Hotel Seymour) -----------Listen to a popular WWII song.
Melchert Bros. Garage --------------------Gary Melchert relates the early history of the garage.
Miller and Piehl Company ---------------- Listen to a popular 1949 song.
Muehl Furniture Store --------- ---------- Don Reed remembers burning the funeral hearse.
R. Kuehne and Sons ---------------------- Listen to Bud VandenHeuvel, auctioneer for Kuehne's.
Seymour Canning Co. -------------------- John Selmer recalls his dad and the early years.
Seymour Canning Co. -------------------- Roy Puls and German WWII Prisoners in Seymour.
Seymour Canning Co. -------------------- Ralph Melchert on German Prisoners on the farm.
Seymour City Hall ------------------------- Gail Dean remembers the old city hall and library.
Seymour Flour Mill ------------------------ Bud VandenHeuvel describes mail delivery.
Seymour Hardware ------------------------Don Feurig and Roy Puls describe the hardware store.
Seymour Public School ------------------- Lucille Miller on her high school days in Seymour
Seymour Railroad Depot ------------------Don Feurig recalls eight trains a day in Seymour.
Seymour State Bank ---------------------- Listen to a scary 1949 radio program.
Seymour Theater/Auditorium ------------Don Reed relates playing basketball in the auditorium
Seymour Theater/Auditorium ------------Listen to an ad played at the See-more Theatre.
Seymour Woodenware ------------------- Guess the name of the #1 song from 1949.

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