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Early History of Seymour Baseball

Early History of Seymour BaseballHistory of Seymour Baseball

The first reference to high school baseball is found in the May 11, 1899 Seymour Press.

The May 18, 1899 issue of the Press reported that the Seymour team won the game by a nine to eight score. The reporter made sure the reader understood “the game stood one to nine in favor of Seymour until the sixth inning. But it will be noticed that Green Bay had nine innings and Seymour only eight. Had they played their ninth inning Seymour might have made a few more runs.” Apparently, the hard feelings generated by the speaking contest healed, as after the game “the two clubs took supper at the Hotel Falck.”

Amateur Teams

Reference is made to several amateur teams playing in Seymour including the “Pig Tails” and the “Maroons.” A cigar produced in Seymour around the turn of the century was named “Pig Tail”, and the museum has on display a cigar box with a picture of the “Maroon” baseball team. It seems the cigar business sponsored the teams. During this era, every small town had a ball team and Seymour had several.

Seymour Vs. Green Bay

The Green Bay West side base ball team has challenged the Seymour High School Nine and will play a game in Seymour tomorrow afternoon. Wonder if they are any better at playing ball than they are at speaking! (This is a reference to a declamatory contest that took place the previous week when the Seymour speakers defeated Green Bay in a hotly debated contest.)
Seymour’s players are as follows: Catcher Earl Boyden; pitcher, Charles Armstrong; substitute, Anton Huettl; first base, Mike Huettl; second base, Wm. Beck; third base, Walter Steward; right fielder, Gilbert Booth; left fielder, Anton Anderson; center fielder, Roy Mullet.

Baseball Memories and Other Stories

Do you read the “This Old Seymour page” in the Seymour Times-Press? If you do, you notice that the pictures and information come from the archives of the Seymour Museum. You can help preserve history by writing out some of your recollections and mailing your memories in the enclosed addressed envelope. In the future, we would like to feature Seymour Baseball. Perhaps you have some pictures or information that will contribute to the story. We are also interested talking with veterans and others who have the ability to recall local history.
Pictured above is Seymour’s Championship team in the 1937 Northern Land O’ Lakes League. Members of the Seymour club are: standing left to right, Bill Row manager, Evan Vande Walle, Phil Palmer, Swen Bowman, Willie Ness, Russell Krake, Smiley Nicodem. Lower row, left to right, Joe Hammen, Arnold Kelly, Roy Puls, Harvey Hartjes, Ralph Puls, Joe Gertz, Bernard Vander Bloemen, and Jimmy Row, mascot.

Roy Puls indicated this was an exceptional team and they were very competitive during the 1930’s. They had many hard fought games with Black Creek, Nichols, Bonduel and other area teams. Roy’s interview will be in the next issue.

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